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Service and Resource Publications

This involves providing information in hard copy or online in both English and French, in regards to the services available in a particular community (e.g. Ottawa's Blue Book) or a specific theme of services (e.g. Tax Clinics, Holiday dinners) that are currently available.

Directory of Ottawa Community Services AKA Blue Book:

The Directory of Ottawa Community Services was a bilingual tool used to search for community, social, government and health services across the City of Ottawa. Because our directories are now available online, we have since stopped publishing its paper incarnation.

Online Directories:

Online Directories are tools clients can use to search our database for information on community, social, government and health services by area served. We currently have 7 online Directories that are available to clients who wish to search for resources online.

The online Directories listed on our website are owned and maintained by the Community Information Centre of Ottawa and do not reflect all of the areas that we serve, as we serve all of Eastern Ontario. Some communities own and maintain their own Directories/Database and therefore are not listed on our website.

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Seasonal and Special Publications

Seasonal and Special Publications generally consist of lists of resources offered throughout a specific area served and a specific topic is usually associated to the list in question. The lists are made available to clients and may require a service fee depending on the request.

The Community Information Centre of Ottawa currently publishes multiple seasonal publications at no cost for the residents of the City of Ottawa.

Seasonal Publications (do not require a service fee)

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Special Publications

Service Lists for specific topics are available upon request; however a service fee does apply.

For more information, please call 211 or 613-761-9076 or email at

Address Labels

The Community Information Centre of Ottawa provides address labels for the 800 organizations and programs listed in our Ottawa e-Blue Book, the most comprehensive Directory of Ottawa Community Services.

We also produce labels for approximately 2,100 contacts that are included in our database as well as customized labels for targeted mailings. Our database includes government programs, not-for-profit organizations and various private services, all operating in the health, social and other related sectors.

Customized labels for specific queries are also available.

Some restrictions apply.

For details, call 211 or 613-761-9076 or email at