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County : United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry

Launch Date: May 2011

Our role in the community:

Connect people through multilingual mediated access to community, social, health and government services in their community. In partnership with local United Way's.

Success Stories:

Mental Health

We received a call from a young woman in Cornwall who said she was trying to locate some help for her brother who was living with a mental illness.

She was not sure where to start searching for support for her brother in order to help him cope with his mental illness. She admitted she also needed counselling to help her manage the situation.

The Information and Referral counsellor was able to refer her to the local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association in Cornwall as well as to the Counselling and Support Services of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

The caller was relieved that there were some support services she and her brother could access. She said she had not known about the 211 service before, but that she was glad to have discovered it and that she would call when she needed help.


We received a call from a man in the Cornwall area who needed to access health services. Specifically, he needed to renew his health card since he still had his old red and white card and he was also looking for a walk in clinic since he did not have a family doctor.

The Information and Referral Counsellor was able to direct him to the Health Card Services office in Cornwall where he could make an appointment to get a replacement health card along with the information on what documents he needed to bring with him.

The Information and Referral Counsellor also provided the caller with information on walk in clinics in Cornwall and their hours of operation.

The caller was really pleased with the information saying that he had tried to locate these resources himself in the phone book and had a lot of difficulty. He said he would certainly be calling 211 again in the future and recommending it to others.