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County : Renfrew

Launch Date: January 2011

Our role in the community:

Connect people through multilingual mediated access to community, social, health and government services in their community. In partnership with local United Way's.

Success Stories:


A call came in from a mother living in Deep River whose child had been throwing tantrums. Nothing she had done had helped calm the child down. She was very frustrated and was unsure of what to do or who she could ask for help, since she was unable to get in touch with her husband while he was working.

The I&R Counsellor offered to refer the caller to the Child, Youth and Family Crisis Line of Eastern Ontario that offers a toll free line for parents and youth who are feeling overwhelmed and need support.

The caller was relieved to have someone to talk to and agreed that making this call, and keeping the number handy for the future, would be a good idea.

Financial Assistance

The caller was in touch with us because he and his wife were having difficulty paying their hydro bill and they were a single income family. Through the course of the call, the caller also said he and his wife had children and that they were in need of food.

The family was referred to their nearest food bank, but also to a financial assistance program for low income residents who have difficulty paying their bills.

Finally, the caller was referred to a free program that installs energy-saving devices to help low-income people manage their utility costs. The caller thanked the I&R counsellor and said he felt much better after having called 2-1-1.

Social Isolation

A client called on behalf of his father, who lived alone in Renfrew County. The client had growing concerns about his father living in relative isolation. He had approached his father about the possibility of his father living with him but his father declined the offer. The client was not always able to make the drive to his father's residence and was worried that his father no longer had the ability to care for himself in his own home.

The client had been managing his father's care for some time and was unsure where to start in seeking help. He had questions about how to apply for Power of Attorney and how to coordinate some in-home care for his aging father who he felt might be in the early stages of memory loss.

The client was provided with referrals to the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee that provides information and practical advice on becoming a Power of Attorney. The client was also referred to the Community Care Access Centre for more information on the type of in-home care available to his father so that he could remain in his own residence.

Finally, addressing the issue of isolation, the Information & Referral Counsellor asked the client if he thought a friendly visiting program might appeal to his father since it could provide him with some regular companionship. The client said he had never heard of this type of service but thought it might help the situation. He was relieved to have made the right call for information and said he would certainly be in touch with the 211 to provide an update on his situation.