Community Information Centre of Ottawa

...a free bilingual service linking Eastern Ontario citizens with community resources
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County : Prescott and Russell

Launch Date: N/A

Our role in the community:

Connect people through multilingual mediated access to community, social, health and government services in their community. In partnership with local United Way's.

Success Stories:

Financial Assistance

A couple in their early 60's living in Hawkesbury who were ODSP recipients were looking for additional financial assistance to help pay for new eye glasses. At first, resources did not seem available in their area and they did not have the money to pay the balance of what ODSP funds did not cover. Fortunately they had access to a vehicle and were willing to travel outside their county and make their way to Ottawa. They were informed by the Information and Referral counselor that the Luxottica Foundation of Canada runs a program called The Gift of Sight for which the clients in question were eligible even if they resided outside the City of Ottawa. The 211 service enabled the client to book an appointment for herself and her husband to receive the appropriate eye care they so desperately needed.