Community Information Centre of Ottawa

...a free bilingual service linking Eastern Ontario citizens with community resources
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County : United Counties of Leeds & Grenville

Launch Date: March 2011

Our role in the community:

Connect people through multilingual mediated access to community, social, health and government services in their community. In partnership with local United Way's.

Success Stories:

Senior Services and Home Support

We received a call from an Ottawa resident who was looking for home support services for her elderly mother living in Brockville. Since her move to Ottawa, she usually visited her mom on weekends but her new job required her to work some weekends. During her visits, the client usually helped her mom cook meals for the week to come. As a result of her inability to travel to Brockville every weekend, the client was concerned for her mother who was incapable of going out alone. As the conversation progressed, she informed us that her mom had trouble walking due to a recent hip replacement and had no close family or friends in her area who could help her with housework and meal preparation. After asking the client a few additional questions, we were able to assess the situation and introduce different options available to her mother. We considered senior residences, home support programs and meal preparation services and we also examined health services available to her mother that could help her cope with her physical restrictions. The client was very glad there were so many resources for her mother and we were able to connect the client to the discussed services. The information and referrals provided allowed the client to rest at ease knowing her mom would get the services she needed!

Financial Assistance

A middle-aged man contacted 211 in need of referrals. His hydro was about to get disconnected, his rent was past due for the last three months and he couldn't afford food for the week to come. He was already receiving assistance from Ontario Works and he didn't know what to do from there. The client was afraid he would end up homeless at the end of the month if he didn't find the appropriate help. After probing the client's previous efforts to find help, our counsellor realized this was his first attempt. He had heard about 211 through a friend and had decided to try our service. By making the call, he was connected to his local rent bank program to help cover his rent and was directed to his local food bank, which he was able to contact on the same day. The counsellor also referred the client to the Low-income Energy Assistance Program to help cover the cost of his past due hydro bills. The client was very thankful for the referrals that were provided and he stated that the next time he needed help, he would not hesitate to call!