Community Information Centre of Ottawa

...a free bilingual service linking Eastern Ontario citizens with community resources
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County : Lanark

Launch Date: May 2011

Our role in the community:

Connect people through multilingual mediated access to community, social, health and government services in their community. In partnership with local United Way's.

Success Stories:

Child Services

We received a call from a young mother who was looking for playgroups for her toddler. The family had recently relocated to Almonte in Lanark County and the caller was unfamiliar with the area.

The information and referral specialist was able to locate playgroups through the Ontario Early Years program. The caller was thrilled to find out that there were playgroups 4 days a week in Almonte along with other programs offered by the Ontario Early Years Centre that she could take advantage of.

She assured the I&R specialist that she would be making use of the 211 service in the future since it was so easy and helpful.